Award for our sister company!

Our sister company, CSE Agency (Cyber Security Expert) received the award for “Best SME Data Security Specialist – 2019 – UK” from Acquisition International Cyber Security Awards.

To celebrate their success in this year’s cyber security awards, we would like to share an insight into their work.

Here’s a few interesting facts about them!

#1 – Expansion

CSE Agency is the very latest expansion of IT & WEB Partner.

Following months of research and hard work, a gap in the cyber industry was identified and they developed a 3-Step methodology to minimise the risks of a data breach.

The 3 steps in the methodology are: Identify, Protect and Comply.

When providing this service to a client, the team at CSE Agency starts by checking the company’s implemented IT structure to look for potential flaws. They believe that their team should find vulnerabilities in the security structure before hackers do, to prevent the system being compromised.

#2 – Award

In 2019, Acquisition International awarded CSE Agency with the “Best SME Data Security Structure 2019 – UK”.

This served as a very important milestone for the company as it was recognition for all the efforts, motivation and hard work they put in every day to make sure that the service they provide is always completed to the best of their ability, and second to none.

An article was published in the Acquisition International Cyber Security Awards magazine where they explain CSE Agency’s work in more details.


#3 – Future

CSE Agency intends to start teaching clients the different ways cyber hackers could reach their private data. Through this focus, the objective is for clients to build greater amount of knowledge on cyber security so that they can work with the firm’s experts in protecting their business.

Moving forward, the core focus is for CSE Agency to continue helping SMEs protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

CSE Agency does not only provide Cyber Security and monitoring packages, but they also provide training for your staff and assist them in recognising potential threats on their computers. Allowing the hacker time to perform his attack will only maximise the damage to your business, which makes reporting unusual activities very important.

Choosing our sister company to protect your business means that you will be protected and monitored by our consultants, allowing you to be stress free.